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Products name:PBT filament yarn

Commodity details:
PBT filament yarn Heshili PBT stretch yarn is a new fiber that developed by Heshili in 2007.This product feels soft and has many characteristices,such as good humidity absorbing,easy coloring under the normal temperature, especially the outstanding stretch recovery property,which can meet the needs of the elasticity of the fabrics basically.The appearance of this product can solve many problems that appear in the process of using Polyurethane fibers,such as the bad dyeability,over streched,weaving complex,bad dimensional property and the aging problem. Heshili PBT strech yarn is widely used in the fabric of jeans,swimming wear,shirt,underclothes and pants.It is also an upgraded product of Polyurethane core spun yarn.The fabric made of PBT stretch yarn has the following common characteristices:
1.the elasticity is light and loose,comfortable and durable
2.soft to the touch,good hand feeling,and good hand feeling,and good drapability
3.smooth and good winkle resistance
4.good humidity absoring,sweat relieving
5.outstanding aging resistance,anti-pilling
6.washing and ironing at random,good plasticity and dimension stability
7.good chemical resistance,such as the excellent chlorine resistance,the swimming wear won't fade and be eroded in the chlorinated swimming pool.

Compared with other elastic fabric materials the jean fabric made of PBT stretch yarn is more easily dyed and with a high coloe fastness. It has light and loose elasticity and makes you feel comfortable. Thanks to the smoothface and good winkle resistance,it could be Washed and ironed at random,and the excellent dimension stability makes it easy to be taken care.

Swimming wear fabric(泳衣面料)
In the water,the swimming wear made of PBT stretch yarn is lighter,clost-fitting and smoother than lycra,it has good eroded in the chlorinated swimming pool even for a long time,and its extra advange is has a better anti-water ability.

Underwear fabrics (內衣面料)
Underwear has high demands on close-fitting,comfortable,anti-pilling as well as long lasting.PBT stretch yarn has all these features above,the elasticity is perfect and extremely suitable to your body,and endurability aging resitance is the nature of PBT material.

Medical materials(醫用面料)
PBT stretch yarn is ideal for cloth of plaster,band-aid and bandage,the suitable elasticity brings some comfort to a paitent when a wond is binded up,which help reduce the pain.

Silk Stockings(絲襪)
Stocking weaved with PBT streth yarn is a good breathable material,it has good elasticty,soft handle,resistance and endurability.

Worsted suits(精紡面料)
Fabrics made of PBT material blended with wool,viscose,etc has good drapability and soft handle,of which the suits made is crease resistant and ironing-free and with good breathability.

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