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    Product overview:Performance: Jiangsu Heshili New Material CO.,LTD (HSL) was founded in 2006,HSL is dedicated to be a top PBT Expert as it supplies top quality PBT Polymer.we are?the professional PBT manufacturer for optic fiber secondary coating in China, total capacity is about 20,000 ton per year.our product have been well accepted by our customer all over the world. We have more than 8 years experience export to India,
  • PBT Polymer
    Product overview:Heshili PBT PolymerHeshili Polymer with the continuous process in production of the world's advanced PTA, the product has the characteristics of narrow fluctuation range, the viscosity of carboxyl end group content, good color and low product. Including its application areas: 1 as modified materials, composite resin, modified with electrical and electronic components, auto parts, lamp holder, capacitors, connectors etc..
  • PBT filament yarn
    Product overview:Heshili PBT stretch yarn is a new fiber that developed by Heshili in 2007.This product feels soft and has many characteristices,such as good humidity absorbing,easy coloring under the normal temperature, especially the outstanding stretch recovery property,which can meet the needs of the elasticity of the fabrics basically.The appearance of this product can solve many problems that appear in the process of...
  • Tetrahydrofran(THF)
    Product overview: Tetrahydrofran(THF),is an import organic synthetic raw materials and excellent solvemnt.Since the polycondensation into four sub-polyethylene glycol methl ether(PTMEG),to the production of polyurethane elastomer,polycondensation elastomer,polyurethane fibers(spandex),special rubber,and some special-purpose coating materials;also be used to product tetrahydro-thiophere,1,2-Dichloroethane...
  • TPEE
    Product overview: G series is rapid molding, good for the injection and extrusion products.Feature:Rapid crystallization, easy molding、Excellent resilience、Excellent heat resistance、High flexural modulus、Excellent chemical stability。Excellent creep resistance、Excellent electrical properties、Excellent wear resistance、Flexible and comfortable touch、Excellent hydrolysis resistance...
  • Nylon?PA?6& 66 Staple fiber
    Product overview:Performance: 1 high tensile strength, elongation is larger 2 excellent resilience, therefore the knot strength and resistance to deformation of the good. 3 polyamide fiber is fiber textile fiber wear all the best, its wear resistance is 10 times of cotton wool, 20 times, 50 times of viscose fiber 4 in the synthetic fiber is easy to dye 5 with high humidity and corrosion resistance 6 antistatic, flame retardant
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